Wendy Cohen

I fell in love with yoga when I discovered yoga with Paula Mayura back in 2001. From then onwards, my personal journey has included valuable teacher trainings which I started in 2011 with CYQ Level 3 Yoga Professionals (200 hours), followed by my Diploma with Mayura Yoga (300 hours) completed in 2014. My knowledge continues to grow with each course and workshop I attend with some of the greatest teachers out there.

I am proud to have the vision, and will, to create an environmentally conscious yoga studio. I have taken great pleasure to design the space in a way which makes it feel really special to be in, as the quality of the environment, is equally as important to me as the quality of the teaching.

As a creative spirit myself, the independent nature of us all as unique human beings should have many places to be expressed, and it is my hope that I have created one of those outlets. 'Yoga to the beat of your own drum' is my motto to explain what it really means to be yourself, and find the freedom to live your life your own way. Yoga is not just about what you do when you're on the mat, it’s about living your best life too.

My teaching style is the same for all my classes, and it’s to make yoga enjoyable! My main aim is to make you feel good and ultimately to get the wow feeling from each class, offering rounded and grounded practice suitable for where-ever you are at in life. I teach classes for prenatal, postnatal, baby, preschool, beginner and some special creative sessions which incorporate elements of dance and qigong interwoven into the class.
To find out more about my studio please visit our website www.yogayoga.love

Yoga Yoga, The Stock Yard, Bassetts Lane, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0QJ

Wendy Cohen