Welcome to the IYN

The IYN is a network of independent Yoga teachers and Teacher Training Schools dedicated to the preservation of the spirit and practice of Yoga as a deep and genuine inner enquiry with many formal possibilities.  Even though we originally came together to resist the many forces threatening to undermine the spirit and diversity of Yoga, we have grown into a multifaceted resource for the Yoga community at large.

Our roots are steeped in the compassion that arises from our dedication to Svadhaya, Ahimsa and Satya. Being alive, responsive and growing, we cannot be described or defined by words. Yet through our many activities we function at times as if any and all of the following: a body of friends; a professional association; a political lobby; a network of schools; a Yoga teacher's resource; a friend of authenticity and Yoga, BUT NOT  a regulatory body.

Latest news..

IYN Members Meeting

Meet the team online and have your say in our future. Meet the admin and website team. What are our plans? What do you want from the IYN website? Voice your opinions & ideas:

Saturday 28th May 2022

Zoom: 10am - 11:30am

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Individual Membership

Become a supporting member of the IYN as a registered teacher and become as active in supporting the rich legacy of Yoga as you wish.

School Membership

Have your Yoga School, Yoga Teacher Training Course or Post Diploma Course recognised and also become a voting member of the IYN.

Conferences & Events

Watch this space for forthcoming conferences and online events. In April 2018, the IYN hosted The Future of Yoga conference.