IYN People

The Directors:

The current  IYN company directors are Pete Yates, Company Secretary, and Jim Gough-Olaya, Treasurer.  Both have had decades of Yoga teaching experience. Pete is founder and director of  The Parkdale Yoga Centre and Jim has wide experience of teaching Yoga in prisons and to the terminally ill, as well as training teachers in an apprenticeship system.


Pete Yates currently looks after registration. Pete Yates is founder and director of the Parkdale Yoga Centre and Heart Yoga teacher training. He was the first Chair of the IYN and held the post for nearly six years.

Administration & Data Management:

Trevor Latham

Dr Peter Yates Yoga

Dr Peter Yates - Secretary

Pete Yates co-founded and taught at the Pakdale Yoga Centre, Wolverhampton, UK which had been offering yoga and therapies for twenty five years.

Jim Gough Yoga

Jim Gough - Treasurer

I am one of the three Directors of the IYN and together we make decisions about its direction.