The purpose of this course is to offer experiential engagement with  the three main meditations given by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. Meditation is understood as being at the heart of joyous human flourishing, both for its clarifying effect on thought and feeling, and for its practical and creative effects. It gives us the vast perspective from silence on any situation whatsoever, including that of our finding ourselves alive and kicking.

This course is meant to be of value to anyone engaged in self-enquiry whether a yoga teacher or not. There will be an optional assessment which teachers in particular might like to avail themselves of. It has two components: a seen teaching practice and a written reflection, in the light of Patanjali, on some of your meditation journal entries.  Each weekend stands alone and they are  paid for one at a time.

The approach to these weekends is celebratory and joyous.Cost - £185 including food and accommodation.