Are you fun, spontaneous, creative?  Do you have children and want to share your passion of yoga with them? Need more daytime yoga classes to support your yoga career? Chrysalis Kids Yoga teacher training will add to your yoga teaching toolbelt and you will learn the art of teaching yoga & mindfulness to children.

Teaching children is not only fantastically rewarding, but you will be helping to sow positive seeds for future generations.This three day course, accredited with the IYN, teaches how to adapt your knowledge of yoga into a child-friendly format. Story-based yoga engages the imagination of children in the early years. The course mainly focuses on children aged 3-7 years, but techniques can be adapted to suit older and younger children. 

Chrysalis Kids Yoga will teach you suitable asana, breathing and mindfulness techniques for children and how they can massively benefit their health & well-being. You will learn how to relax children, turning their attention inwards teaching them to be still (if only for a little while!) Chrysalis Kids Yoga share all the ‘tricks of the trade’ that they have picked up over years of teaching yoga to children.  Learn essential skills on planning and conducting a creative, fun children’s yoga class, to including games, songs, dance, movement and other forms of self-expression so that children are fully engaged and realise that yoga is simply fun!

Chrysalis Kids Yoga are Chelsea Canovas and Janine Hurley who have been recognised as Yoga Elders by the IYN.  Since the birth of her first child in 2003, Chelsea’s yoga journey took a turn more towards a heart-based practice and she knew that she had to share the gift of yoga with children. Chelsea has taught successfully in schools, nurseries and festivals around Merseyside since 2007.  Janine was also inspired to teach yoga after having children and noticed the transformative effect that it had on her life. Janine has been running hugely popular children’s yoga classes in Manchester since 2005 and is extremely passionate about bringing yoga to children. Together both Chelsea and Janine bring over 16 years experience of teaching yoga to children and they love the endless possibilities to teach in a creative way. Their skills have led them to facilitating the children’s programme at the IYN festival, Santosa Yoga Camps and Superspirit Camps.Chrysalis Kids Yoga provides high quality training to yoga teachers/trainees, school teachers and serious yoga practitioners who wish to improve children’s development through yoga. 

 This is NOT a franchise and once you have completed your training there are no additional costs.  You will be encouraged to spread your creative wings and fly as far as you can!