9 modules, over one weekend per month, covers an in-depth understanding of the Ancient Scripts; History; Philosophy of Yoga; Diploma level Pranayama; Degree content Anatomy; Bio-mechanics; Psychology of the brain, neuro-plasticity and mindfulness; Asana with proper alignment, mind-mapping for the nervous system and physical adjustments; class-planning; sequencing, marketing; promotion.

The course has around 10-12 students per year so we can give very personal attention and individual assessments throughout the course. Every graduate to date is now teaching yoga, and passed the course with a high grade. The studio is warm, friendly and rural, so outdoor activities are practiced as much as possible. Alongside Victoria Adamson, the course leader, there are 4 teachers who join the teaching, all specialists in their subjects - Bill Wood (Scaravelli teacher and yoga therapist), Simon Frost (Neuro-muscular therapist), Dan Peppiatt (founder of Yoga Like Water ttc) and Nicole Hartley (psychologist).

Victoria Adamson, course leader, studied Yoga in 1997 with Sivananda in the Dhanwanthari Ashram in India. Since then has studied advanced TTC, Scaravelli training, Anatomy, Diploma and Post Grad in Pranayama, Pranic healing and specialises in teaching for stress-related problems. She also holds daily, weekly and monthly classes and courses in yoga, breathing and anatomy; workshops; retreats and private tuition. Starting Apanaveda is a culmination of all her knowledge and experience, transferring the essential principle of Ahimsa and Satya (loving-kindness and truth) in all teaching. Victoria believes that "Unless the roots of this ancient science of life is fully understood, one cannot teach in an authentic and integral way".
Apanaveda TTC therefore bases the foundations of this course in the knowledge of the Vedas and especially the Bhagavad Gita - the external battle of the sense-mind against the internal voice of the soul.

This course welcomes all enthusiastic students of yoga in the field of mind, body and breath to learn authentic yoga and spread the knowledge of how to live a happier, healthier and more spiritual life.