SENSIBLE YOGA FOR SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS: Sensible (adj) “capable of sensation or feeling;" also "capable of being sensed or felt, perceptible to the senses," hence "easily understood; logical, reasonable,” (

Feel Now Yoga provides a 300 hour Sensible Somatic Yoga Teacher Training that offers you an in-depth alternative to the basic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. Instead of a yoga posture course with separate add on philosophy & anatomy modules, we weave the theory & philosophy into our yoga practice to deliver a truly integrated course, that is deep without being academic; practical without just being exercise; & thorough without being too long.

Sensible Somatic Yoga Teacher Training invites each individual to listen to their own body & trust its inherent wisdom as they refine their personal practice & develop their own teaching style. To honour this, we provide you with the opportunity to deepen your own experience & understanding of how Yoga works, so that you can help others access its full potential.

Feel Now Yoga has trained over 80 qualified Sensible Yoga Teachers. They are teaching yoga in schools, universities, physiotherapist clinics, hospitals, prisons, as part of their psychology practice, in social prescribing schemes, leisure centres and yoga studios. Some are entirely online. Many deliver specialist classes in areas they chose to research on their training course. 

Our 8th annual teacher training starts in April 2022. We have a maximum of 12 students per course so that we can ensure every student is supported throughout, and beyond. Although our course meeting finish in December and it is possible to complete the course in 9 months, we give you a further 3 months to complete your 3000 word research project, with as much guidance as you require, so even if you have been out of education for a while, our trainee centred approach will help you complete a valuable and useful project.  Our aim is that by the end of your 300 hour, 12 month training you will be able to teach your own style of yoga from a confident place of embodied understanding.