Satyananda (Bernardo Lischinsky)

Telephone:01202 256883
Location:Bournemouth Dorset


PRIMAL YOGA For the last fifteen years Satyananda has been helping people from all walks of life find the source of lasting peace and happiness. Many practitioners of yoga are attracted to the silent retreats and Satsangs that he holds. They soon discover that his support and insight into their practice has a depth and subtlety that they have not previously encountered. His ability to bring back to life the original vision of yoga inspired his students and led him to develop Primal Yoga. ᅡᅠ This is not so much another school of yoga but an opportunity for teachers and students to integrate a new perspective into their own school, tradition or practice. Satyananda has said: ¬タワPrimal Yoga aims at providing depth to the practice of yoga: the primal depth that yoga is aiming at, which is firstly harmony in the body, followed by harmony in the mind, Samadhi and Self-Realization.ᅡᅠIt is a slow yoga, not a yoga of varieties, of positions.ᅡᅠ It is a yoga of observation, meditation and development of awareness in consciousness.¬タン ᅡᅠ Satyananda was born Bernardo Lischinsky in 1964 in Uruguay. From a very early age he had a natural and spontaneous awareness of absolute peace and freedom, which was confirmed and deepened when, in his twenties, he met a spiritual master. Since then he has travelled widely sharing his awakening insights with seekers of Truth around the world. With gentle, yet penetrating, clarity he points us to our own essence which is beyond thoughts and feelings and remains fresh and untouched by the activities of the mind.