Christophe Mouze



I started practising and studying yoga in 1994.ᅡᅠ Since then, I have studied with a number of senior yoga teachers all over the world.

I originally trained as an Iyengar teacher, and I still value the Iyengar method for its precision and attention to details, but my practice and teaching have been influenced by many other yoga styles, particularly ashtanga vinyasa, the Shadow yoga of Shandor Remete, and the atma vikasa style of Venkatesh.

In addition to my morning asana practice, I regularly practice pranayama (which I studied with S. OP Tewari) and various types of Buddhist meditation.

I am also an very experienced horseman and a trained Equine Assisted Learning facilitator with EAGALA. I offer courses combining yoga and work with horses.

I love cooking (I am French after all...) and have a keen interest in ayurvedic nutrition.

Christophe Mouze