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Path to Source - Kundalini Yoga Training

As the seed of our time is changing we are experiencing life at such a speed and within a frequency of energy as never before. Path to Source Kundalini Yoga training taps into the personal seed of our ever changing vibratory universe to assist in navigating these times.

Integrated Kundalini Yoga is anchored by the master teachers that have gone before and they continue to be here in spirit to support our journey of evolution and awakening.

Integrated Kundalini yoga is a tool for us to reach the source of our longing. The road that every individual takes is different; a map written by the soul; the energy of the age asks us to look closely at the map!

The Aquarian age in which we find ourselves is not about the old ways of seeking a teacher high up in the mountains; the teacher is discovered within. This does not mean that we do not have teachers in our life; the goal is more about ‘Inner discovery'. To enter such a journey requires a leap into the unknown, only then can you reveal the real you.

A teacher is not born of a ‘Certificate’. The teacher is born when the cup becomes full and that which overspills becomes a purity of offering. This is a training geared
to supporting this awakening in the student. There is no rush to teach there is
no requirement, when the time comes you will know.

This is first and foremost a soul awakening training where you learn the tools to discover yourself; and enter into a relationship with your own destiny. Yoga means Union and as a result you are entering a process of re-orientation.

Every intrepid traveller must take stock of their journey and decide where their
next destination shall be. An important part of the journey is to learn skills that will help you navigate your way. The path of yoga gives you powerful skills. It develops in you resolve and a robust platform that will serve you in life.

Integrated Kundalini Yoga is the foundation that enables you to make exceptional progress on your life path. Especially when faced with the tidal wave of information & change prevalent on our planet today.

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We are principally concerned in providing conditions for the development and deepening of greater awareness, confidence and self-discovery.We draws on our extensive yoga and meditation experience. We emphasise the cultivation of mindfulness (sati) or awareness through Hatha yoga and meditation practices.We offer a comprehensive 500 hours of training withCertification for 200 hours or 500 hours through the IYN. At the end of the course graduates can teach under the auspices of BODHIYOGA and attend on going training yoga and meditation retreats.The teacher training modules are located in Spain, run with a maximum of 12 participants to facilitate an intimate and effective learning environment, with plenty of contact between students and teachers. [email protected]

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BSY Group

Yoga Teacher (Hattha Yoga) Course
The first step to a better lifestyle: The BSY Group is one of the largest distance learning colleges in alternative health and complementary therapy in Europe. Our courses have helped thousands of students to achieve their goals and ambitions. In addition, our courses are used by a number of public and private institutions to train their employees.
Your Achievement will be Recognised: Once youve successfully completed your course, youll receive a BSY qualification to recognise your achievement. This will prove of considerable benefit if you wish to start your own practice or further your career. With some of our more advanced courses, youll be entitled to Associate Membership of the School, and be able to use the appropriate letters after your name. Your name will be entered in the Register of Qualified Students. As a holder of the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) certificate, you will be entitled to register with the IYN / Yoga Register and benefit from a discounted subscription rate of ?25 per annum. We are frequently asked by members of the public, industry and other interested parties for details of practitioners, and with your agreement, we will be happy to put you in touch with clients in your area.
Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) Diploma Course: Yoga means unity. It is derived from the Sanskrit work 'Yuj' which means 'joining'. Yoga is practiced to join the body, mind and soul together, therefore forming a unified spiritual whole. Yoga is a natural development for the body, the mind and the soul. All the movements are natural and come from inside the body, and, as such, one should really feel and enjoy its effect naturally. The practice of Yoga maintains a youthful and healthy body thereby improving everything one does physically and mentally, thus bringing an overall gain in self-esteem. We offer a number of specialist folllow-on courses which the Yoga Teacher courses is a good preparation for: see Students who successfully complete Yoga Diploma courses are entitled to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name.
The Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course curriculum includes Origins and Philosophy of Yoga, Anataomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Breathing, Relaxation, Movement, Class Management and Practical Training.
For further information:website: email: [email protected]
write:BSY Ltd, Oakwood,Dunsland Cross,Devon EX22 6DF
Freephone: 0800 731 92710800 731 9271 call (International): 44 1409 22040044 1409 220400 fax (UK): 01409 220401

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Brahma Nada Yoga School

Brahma Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh is unique in its offering of a combined yoga and music sadhana.
The school in Rishikesh, India offers twice daily group yoga classes and also private one to one yoga, nada yoga/music, meditation and satsang sessions and an IYN accredited intensive 28 day Nada Yoga Teacher Training Courses though the winter months (Oct. till March). This winter the dates are:
14th Jan. to 10th Feb. 2019 &11th March to 6th April 2019(Interested participants may contact us below)
The TTC Training is a strong combination of practical tuition and guidance in hatha yoga, pranayama, kirtan and meditation combined with a strong focus on musical sadhana and nada yoga (the yoga of sound).This focus springs from over 20 years experience of teaching yoga and music and the ways in which both mutually support and nourish each other towards the same goal in each of the three main teachers in the school.It is intended that a longer (over 6 months) non-residential Nada Yoga Teacher Training course will also be offered through the summer months in the UKTo Connect:Email: [email protected]:

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Bushey School of Yoga

The Director of Studies has had a strong connection over the years with The Yoga For Health Foundation where she took her training in general and remedial Yoga, and eventually met her personal mentor, Marge Moseley. She has been, and still continues to be, a strong influence on the teachings and philosophy of the School. Like the Yoga For Health Foundations philosophy, the Bushey School of Yoga believes that Yoga is for anyone.An aspect of the philosophy of the School is that it embraces the feminine; students are encouraged to see black as well as white, dark as well as light, following the belief that in order to find our treasure we often need to go through a murky place!! Given respect, trust will develop and students will feel safe safe enough, then, to find their own treasure/inner strength and ultimate connection to whatever they have faith in.The Schools goal comes from the Director of Studies initial affirmation, when she first decided to teach Yoga, which was that she had a desire to share the positive benefits of Yoga with as many people as possible. These benefits come in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms. From belief and experience Yoga has been seen to heal, and is therefore a valuable and precious thing to be able to share. Yoga is a challenge, and it is through challenge that we can come to know ourselves again. Yoga is also something that is meant to be enjoyed so there is a strong belief in the joy of humour, humility and love.Part of the goal, therefore, in teacher training is to work with a small group of committed students who wish to follow in this sharing process. They will probably be students who are already attending the Bushey School of Yoga and will have been for some time. In taking up the challenge of teacher training the good name of Yoga and the respect of all teachers past and present can be continued. This is our goal.

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Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship

The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship exists in order to make known to its members, the ideas and philosophy of some of the greatest Yoga Teachers in the world, and provide a teaching and expertise that will equip its graduate teachers with the right background and teaching, so that they may become among some of the best in the field of Yoga.

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