Shanticentre Training School

Principal:Stephanie Bosanko


Shanticentre Training School offers an in depth teacher training programme aimed at both deepening experientially into many aspects of yoga pracitce, as well as becoming a well rounded teacher able to offer wisdom and insight to a wide audience.

We move through personal practices of Sivananda, Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Iyangar, Yin and Vinyasa Flow styles, and look at adaptations that can be given to meet the needs of the people who turn up to class, enabling the teacher to guide individuals into the state of yoga.

We practice intensive Chakra Development, looking at and experiencing throughout the length of the course what subltle energies are moving or stored within the body, mind and emotions and aim to release as much as possible towards a greater freedom of mind, body and spirit.

We look to inspire boddhisattvas, who can move towards their true dharma and use their own life lessons to help others on their paths.

We include karma yoga in the course, offering selfless service to humanity, and we look at vedanta and tantra philosophy as well as anatomy and philosphy geared at offering safe and inclusive practice of yoga.

The course is structured at 7 weekends in Bristol, (one each month) and a 7 day intensive at Shanticentre, Italy.
For course dates and more info please call/email.