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As an alternative to completing the application online, you can also download the relevant form from here - complete the form and email or post it back to us when you have finished.

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Please note: We do not include brands of yoga as specialisms.

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Please supply in jpeg. format - no larger than 1MB

I declare that the statements made and answers given in this application are true and that no material information has knowingly been withheld BOTH IN RESPECT OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AND IN RESPECT OF ANY APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE COVER.

I agree to uphold the standards of the IYN Yoga Register and teach safely, responsibly and in a manner which enhances the reputation of the Register and Yoga in general. I understand that my registration is dependent on my carrying current, adequate insurance cover.

I understand that breach of this agreement will result in withdrawal of registration.  I agree that clicking the box below counts as my signature.