We have a new website!

Welcome to our brand new website. We've been working hard through the summer to re design and bring the IYN website up-to-date. This process is still ongoing and we'll be adding new pages & features over the next couple of weeks. Please bear with us if during this time if you can't find the page you're looking for.

Trevor and I are currently working on the Search directories for teachers, schools and courses - if you can't find your listing, please bear with us. We hope to get everyone's info back online as soon as possible.

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Covid-19 Guidelines

We frequently get asked to provide COVID guidlines. However, the IYN has no authority in this area. The only really authoritative sources are the web sites of the Westminster Parliament and the Devolved Governments of the UK nations. Given that these national regulations and advice differ and that there are now various 'levels' of lockdown applying to regions and cities, and even differences within the levels, all but minimal generic advice is impossible.

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