Yoga Bananas Teacher Training 3-11 Years

Principal:Skip Oliver
Telephone:01306 621 163
Location:Dorking, Surrey


Yoga Bananas® and The Yoga Bananas TechniqueTM have been established since 1998 and are one of the pioneers of children's yoga in the UK. The concept and training are the brainchild of yoga specialist and mother of three boys, Skip Oliver - Yoga Elder, E-RYT500, YACEP, SYT, Dip. Physical Theatre, BA Hons Eng., MA Creative Writing.

Yoga Bananas is a child yoga teacher training provider with a fun approach to yoga that incorporates all the elements of Hatha Yoga in a form that appeals to children. The certificated training course will prove invaluable to school teachers, yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees. The course is also open to non-yoga teachers who have a sound knowledge of yoga asana.

The Yoga Bananas TechniqueTM offers an original and alternative way of building a child's confidence akin to performing and creative arts, but by the very nature of yoga and its roots within the sacred Indian tradition it also offers a child the opportunity to explore their intuitive nature and spirituality. The emphasis in the training courses, is on offering those who would like to work with children an insight into the power of motivating, caring and offering knowledge to the little people of our world. The unique and imaginative exercises and structure aim to promote in children a healthy awareness of the body and the mind that will be instilled within their lives for many years to come.

This course involves 3 intensive days of practical work in a studio and a school, which is backed up by an in-depth 200-page manual including over 150 unique StickKids? covering all aspects of the teaching. Each technique has been devised and rigorously worked on children to ensure that it attains its goal and delivers its meaning.

Yoga Bananas is committed to ensuring that each trainee completes the course feeling fully confident and inspired. All material is written by Skip Oliver and is experientially informed. All training is executed by Skip Oliver in her peaceful Surrey enclave, where she has personally graduated over 1100 people. Once graduated, each graduate will safely and immediately be able to impart the Yoga Bananas TechniqueTM to children.


I've felt so many emotions and am now exhausted and beaming! I can't wait to start the next step of the journey (after many a night of memorising our Guru's text! and practising with family and friends!) Skip you are fantastic-such fun and you engaged me, never mind the kids! Thanks for all your hard work, patience and kind words.
Carrie Reeve, Yoga Bananas 2016

Skip you are an inspiration and thank you for passing on all your knowledge and skills, it was great to watch the 'plan' put into action today and see how much the children loved the class.
Louise Field, Yoga Bananas 2016

A fantastic weekend, so much to take in and now I am in need of a rest (I should be so lucky) and some reading and absorbing time with the manual. Thank you Skip for your encouragement, enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. Best Wishes, love and light, and of course, Na-Mas-te! xx
Sam Tan, Yoga Bananas 2016

I can't believe how my life has transformed in a weekend. Yes, 'spread the love' embraces it beautifully! I am sitting here on my sofa, hungry, because I can't eat. I managed to have a cup of tea since I have been back. I think my tummy is bursting with imagination. I'm so excited but at the same time I feel like I'm dreaming - just like that floppy frog on a Lilly pad - and I feel like I'm dreaming it all too. I might need to take some deep breaths before bedtime to slow my heartbeat down. Oh no! But my heart is beating for you! I'm going to let it beat its natural rhythm, tick tick, like a mouse round the clock! Ok, I will just breathe through the nose (mouth closed, if I remember right!) 2 3 and 2 3 4 5 6, pour a glass of vino and celebrate the gift of Skip Oliver who truly is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life! Be careful as the power of Skip and this amazing gift of love, unity and light is catching.
Skip, I can't thank you enough. Finding you was faith, you are just like this little shining star that brightens up the world. Namaste. X

Angelika Hajdecka, Yoga Bananas 2015

Dear Skip, I wanted to thank you for the past three days - I thoroughly enjoyed myself, which is always a positive, but more than that, I feel like a part of me has grown, or been reignited. Having learnt yoga myself from an early-ish age, it is something that is deeply ingrained in my being, and watching you teach yesterday, and watching the children around you learn, well, it touched that deeply ingrained yogi in me, very sincerely.
Henrietta Greene, Yoga Bananas 2015

Dear Skip, I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I learnt a lot in such a short amount of time. As a teacher I think that you are amazing, your delivery was clear and concise and gave me a lot of confidence in pursuing my career. Moving forward I am also very interested in your pregnancy yoga course if you could let me know dates. Thank you for a fantastic experience! Namaste, Sheela x
Sheela Khatri, Yoga Bananas 2015

Thank you very much for making me be able to teach yoga.... We had a party for my cousin's son and I did yoga with the kids and they enjoyed it. My life has really changed now.... I am really a very happy person.... Thanks to God and you.
Bina Mehta, Yoga Bananas 2015

Wow indeed! Such an amazing few days, I had so much fun, loved the course and what a lovely group of ladies to share it with! I'd go back and do it again if I could. Am absolutely in love with what we've learned and can't wait to start teaching children. I think what we covered will really help me develop my own practice and the way I teach adults. I'll definitely be back for more.Honestly, that was a brilliant few days, I'm so glad I did it! Skip, you are just fantastic and your boys are fab and a credit to you. Thank you so much.
Rebecca James, Yoga Bananas 2015

Yoga Bananas Teacher Training 3-11 YearsYoga Bananas Teacher Training 3-11 YearsYoga Bananas Teacher Training 3-11 Years